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A Thank You From Ms. Francis

After cooling off with bags of frozen peas and a tub of cool water for the past four months, things changed for this local widow, Ms. Francis, on a hot night in early August. After receiving a phone call from a concerned citizen, we shared the story/need on our Facebook page in early August. Within 10 minutes, one of you who "like" the Bridging RVA FB page offered to help Ms. Francis.

Within three hours of our first post about this need, four volunteers from Bridging RVA were in Ms. Francis' livingroom installing a new AC unit. As cold air began blowing through this house for the first time in months, all who were present were touched in meaningful ways. One of the volunteers said, "She was so wonderful! I hope she has to pull up the covers tonight!"

Ms. Francis asked if there was a way she could say thank you. She jumped all over the opportunity to say thanks via a smartphone video. Here ya go.