Bridging RVA

Connecting individuals, groups & causes to advance common good in our community.

Bridging RVA is a 501c3 nonprofit registered with the IRS and is officially incorporated with the state of Virginia. All donations are tax-deductible.

This is Bridging RVA

We're Better Together!

When community forms out of an idea, task or challenge, people often discover one another in new and significant ways. Strangers become Acquaintances - Neighbors become Friends - Co-workers become Team Players.

Bridging RVA is all about connecting individuals, groups & causes to advance common good in our community. Here's how it works!

Ideation Labs - Rapid Response Initiatives - Community Impact Initiatives - Make a Donation

1. Ideation Labs

How many great ideas have gone unrealized? It's been said, "An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."

Bridging RVA has a number of talented Richmonders ready to assist you in developing and implementing ideas for the common good of our communities and city. From school projects to corporate team-building exercises, all ideas that benefit the common good are welcomed. The wholeness and well-being of our community depends on your new and fresh ideas! Let's work together to make it happen! Start here....

2. Rapid Response Initiatives

Things happen in our community which elicit a rapid response by people who care. Sometimes the coupling of an idea with action needs to happen quickly. We have created a network of people and groups who can quickly mobilize and respond to needs within our community.

Here's an example of a Rapid Response Initiative.

3. Community Impact Initiatives

Bridging RVA Initiatives

We assist, equip and empower individuals and groups in creating new initiatives designed to advance good in our community. While the community benefits directly from these initiatives; civic clubs, schools, churches and businesses nurture a culture of collaboration and teamwork in the process. These intiatives are a great way to strengthen groups and build teams. Below is a recent example:

Here's one of our annual Community Impact Initiatives.

Partnership Initiatives

Some ideas are best coupled with action through an existing organization. Rather than reinventing the wheel and creating a new program, we encourage partnerships with those already doing good works in our community. We have played a unique role by accelerating the mission of other nonprofits. Below are pictures from some recent Bridging RVA partnership intiatives in the Richmond area.